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Residents urged to conserve water October 18-21Free Access

Residents of Martensville and Warman are asked to conserve water next week.

SaskWater’s Saskatoon Potable North Water Supply System will be receiving maintenance starting October 18 and a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory (PDWA) will be issued.

In an effort to avoid extending SaskWater’s PDWA, the City of Warman and the City of Martensville will be topping up their reservoirs to maximum levels before closing their intakes from the SaskWater line. The water supplied to residents of both cities will continue to be safe for consumption during this period, which will be from Tuesday, October 18 until Friday, October 21.

Warman and Martensville residents are asked to conserve water so that water levels in the reservoirs don’t drop low enough to require the intake to be re-opened before SaskWater’s PDWA is lifted.

SaskWater will be testing water samples following the  maintenance work to ensure there is no risk to the public. Until the test results come back satisfactory, the cities will keep the SaskWater supply lines closed and will be relying on the storage capacity of the reservoirs. Further information is available on the cities’ websites.