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Ag trade mission to India, UAE advances marketsFree Access

Agriculture Minister David Marit

Agriculture Minister David Marit will be leading a delegation to India and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for a trade mission and to attend the Pulses Conclave in Mumbai, India and the Gulfood Exhibition in Dubai, UAE.

The mission aims to help Saskatchewan gain a better understanding of international stakeholders’ current and future needs. The mission also provides an opportunity to learn about any challenges faced by stakeholders and how the Government of Saskatchewan can provide support. Minister Marit will promote the sustainability of Saskatchewan’s crop production during the mission as well as strengthen trade, research and investment ties with some of Saskatchewan’s long-standing partners. Additionally, the mission will help companies and industry organizations within the province expand their relationships with stakeholders.

“We continue to advocate for our province as a top supplier of safe, high-quality and sustainable agri-food products,” Marit said. “Missions like this are critical for strengthening relationships with our long-standing partners worldwide. The United Arab Emirates and India are both important markets for our province and represent over $769 million in combined agri-food exports in 2022. There have been positive developments with lower trade barriers in India and it is continuing to be a premier destination for Saskatchewan’s pulses.” 

In 2022, Saskatchewan was the United Arab Emirates’ and India’s largest supplier of lentils, accounting for 70 per cent and 55 per cent of the country’s imports, respectively.

Saskatchewan has a network of nine international trade offices, two of which are in India and the United Arab Emirates. The offices are working to grow Saskatchewan’s exports, attract investment into the province and strengthen relationships with our partners in these markets.

Minister Marit will begin his trip in Mumbai for the opening of the Pulses Conclave, then travel to Dubai. During the mission, he will meet with the Consul Generals of Canada to UAE and India, attend the Gulfood 2023 trade show in UAE and meet various officials and industry experts from industry associations and oilseed, wheat, pulse and ingredient companies.

Saskatchewan’s delegation departs for Mumbai on February 13 and returns on February 22.