Warman, Martensville highway overpasses project on track

Saskatchewan Highways and Infrastructure Minister David Marit and Martensville-Warman MLA Nancy Heppner speak at a news conference at the site of construction of an overpasss at the intersection of Highway 305 and Highway 11 on Thursday, April 20

Construction of two new interchanges near Warman and Martensville is progressing well, according to the Minister of Highways and Infrastructure.
At a news conference at one of the construction sites at the intersection of Highway 11 and 305, David Marit said the new overpasses, slated to be completed by the fall of 2019, represent a huge improvement in safety for the two communities.
“Warman and Martensville are Saskatchewan’s fastest growing communities, and we believe the improved safety and efficiency the new overpasses provide will help this region continue to grow and thrive in the future,” said Marit.
The $60.6 million project includes an interchange at Highway 305 and Highway 11 near Warman, and an overpass at the intersection of Highway 12 and Main Street in Martensville. Marit gave credit to Martensville-Warman MLA Nancy Heppner for her years of advocacy on the project, and noted that the provincial government is committed to investing in infrastructure.
Construction work on the interchanges commenced several weeks ago, and is on schedule, according to Marit.
Marit said the overpass on Highway 11 will provide a safe route in an out of Warman via Highway 305. The upgrade will also facilitate future expansion of the road network in the area.
He noted the new overpass at Martensville will disperse traffic along Main Street and Centennial Drive, helping alleviate congestion at key intersections and providing access to current and future developments in the city.
Mayors and councillors from Martensville, Warman, Osler and the RM of Corman Park were at the news conference. Officials of Peter Kiewit Sons, the contractor responsible for overall construction of the overpasses, were also there.
Warman Mayor Sheryl Spence said she’s happy to see the machinery working and the project taking shape.
“It’s been a long time coming,” Spence said. “It will make a huge difference for travellers in this area in terms of safety and will help improve access in and out of the community.”
Kiewit Project Director Tim Rule said the company, which has partnered with several other major construction firms on the project, said the company has a long history in Saskatchewan. He said the Warman and Martensville interchange project provides the company’s Saskatchewan employees with an opportunity to contribute to the growth and prosperity of their home province.
Andrew Schumacher, Project Manager for the two overpasses, said the bulk of the construction this year will not affect traffic on Highway 11. The project involves construction of a new section of divided highway east of the present highway, as well as a new access road connecting Highway 305 to Ferry Road.
The interchanges project is funded by the federal and provincial governments.